1-Choose the most appropriate program according to your interests and needs.
To make a choice you must take into account:
What do you want to adopt
              Sex, age, health condition
Where do you want to adopt?
              It should be informed on which countries on which countries they accept families from their country of residence and which is the best option taking into account some points
              important before deciding what your destination will be:
                     * Number of trips required and time to stay in the country
                     * Age of children who can be adopted
                     * Sex of the children available
                     * Waiting time and how long the entire process lasts
                      * Fees and what they cover
2. Verify that you meet these few requirements:
Marital status required by the country to be accepted.
Must be able to justify annual income of at least $ 25,000 as a whole
Enjoy relative good health. Contagious infectious diseases are not accepted, diseases that prevent the individual from performing his parental activities and do not have serious dis- abilities. (Consult)
You must have a suitable villa, no matter if you rent or own it while you have a house, clean tidy and with a room dedicated for the child and a bathroom (consult)
Have no criminal or judicial record provable by means of a certificate of antecedents.
Never have been deprived of parental rights, or have a history of domestic violence, child abuse, pedophilia, pronography, etc.
Now you are ready to make an election and begin the adoption process



Helping to bring together children and parents in happy families through International Adoption

                                     BECAUSE EVERY CHILDREN DESERVES A LOVING FAMILY 

  "Miracle Hearts"

It is part of a nonprofit organization based in Florida USA. In order not to be an agency we work with accredited agencies from different states.
From our organization we offer several services, some free and others paid.
Our main goal is to look after children with their best interest as a priority.

For families we offer:
Counseling parents looking for the best option for an international adoption.
Search and selection of children available where permitted by the country's legislation.
Translation of documents through certified translators.
Training courses for adoptive parents
accredited processors

Team that will take care of your case from the first moment until you have finished delivering the last report.



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