​What children are up for adoption in Ukraine?


* Healthy children from 5 years old boys or girls.
* Children with minor special needs and serious special needs of all ages (1 to 17 years old)
You can adopt a child without siblings or groups of siblings. There are groups of siblings available from 2 to 7 children.

Who can adopt in Ukraine?
Adopters must be legally married, same-sex marriages are not accepted
do not accept single-parent applicants
De facto or cohabitation marriages are not accepted.

How long does the process take?
The whole process usually takes 4 to 5 months since the dossier was registered (folder)
The total time depends on how fast the family delivers the required documentation certified and apostilled.
From the date that the dossier is presented to the confirmation of the registration 30 days of waiting,
From the confirmation of the registration to the referral date between 30 to 45 days.
From the Referrall to  the court hearing about  30 days
From the Judgment to which the ruling enters into force, 30 days.

How many trips are necessary?
The family does not need to travel to the registration.
3 trips are required.   
A trip to the referral (Only 7 to 10 days if you accept the first referral)  both parents
Court Hearing: (only 3 to 5 days) both parents
Withdraw the child or children after the final judgment 30 days after the trial. ( requires that the family  wait for the new birth certificate and the child's passport)   One parent with authrization of the other or both parents.
The final judgment is 30 days after the court hearing.
*   Ukraine gives the family the option of getting up to 3 referrals of up  with the same folder if one fails. This means that if the family visits the child from the first referral and if  they are rejected or something foes wrong  they can request up to two more appointments with the same folder, it will take longer but can be done.